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English Rider Levels 1-8 with Stable Management

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These Manuals are study material for the Learn to Ride and Coaching Certification Programs.

The English Rider Manual presents the basic goods of English riding. However, proper riding technique is developed only with the aid of a certified coach or instructor. 

The English Learn to Ride program provides NCCP certified instructors & coaches with a complete and progressive program to work with students. This program is also an important component to aid in the continued promotion, development and recognition of qualified instructional programs and will compliment the national stable registry system as it is developed.

 NOTE: This program is also tailored for those riders who seek to further their riding skills on the flat but who may not wish to continue over fences.

Stable Management in Canada - 1st /2009. Includes: Understanding the Horse, Safety, Grooming, Stable Construction, Bedding and Stall Care, Describing a Horse, Basic Horse Health, Equine First Aid, Bandaging, Outdoor Life, Feeds and Feeding, Unsoundness and Blemishes, Conformation, The Foot and Shoeing, Horse Transportation, Blankets

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